Marco Pizzuti

A former army officer, Doctor of Law, lecturer, author of more than 15 volumes published in 19 countries, scientific researcher and scriptwriter, he has worked at the most prestigious institutions of the state (Chamber of Deputies, Senate of the Republic and Council of State). He wrote and hosted the TV program “Prometheus,” collaborated on the section “science”of Italia 1 TV program “Mistero” demonstrating some of the most controversial scientific experiments (weak-energy nuclear reactions, Biefeld-Brown effect, wireless energy transmission). He has published articles in “Mystery,” “Science and Knowledge,” “OZ,” “Fenix,” and collaborated with the Energy Museum and the 2011 Bologna TED event by setting a new world record in wireless power transmission directly in the form of alternating current (without the use of the wi-tricity system) by exclusively applying Tesla’s late 19th century technology.

DEEP STATE (Il Punto d’Incontro edizioni, 2022) – Public opinion, media manipulation, and the individual’s freedom of choice are the main themes of Pizzuti’s latest work. Multinational corporations have not only conquered the world of industry and finance, but also the world of information and entertainment, which is fundamental to gaining consensus, shaping ideas, culture and directing the masses ways better than politics. In the world of information, the supposed mirror of democracy and pluralism, news and debates are characterized by not questioning the basics of how the “system” works, diverting public opinion from the real causes of problems.

Scheduled for Sunday, July 31, 9 p.m. Moderated by journalist Simone Spiga.