Ivano Naiely

His main activity is the construction of Medicine Drums in the shamanic way. Through radiesthesia he studies the history and archeosophy of Sardinia as well as Geobiology, boundary science and contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations. He deals with communication and mediation, spiritual aspects of multidimensional human being, shamanism, and organizes events aimed at the dissemination of knowledge, connection with Mother Nature and her energies, physical-energetic rebalancing and awakening of consciousness.

The memory and the reconnection to the Self through the use of a “Wind” instrument, the Didjerido, comes from Australia. From contact with spiritual worlds, to sound therapy there are several references that land on the spiritual vision of lower and higher bodies and the possibility of accessing, thanks to the vibration of the Didjeridoo to deeper and more delicate levels of attention and listening: from Attention to Ecstasy.

Scheduled for Friday, July 29, 2022 at 9:30 pm.