Arianna Porcelli Safonov

Born in Rome, she lived in New York and Madrid working for years in the organization of international events. Since 2010 she has devoted herself full-time to writing. She has published two books for Fazi Editore, Fottuta Campagna and Storie di Matti. Since 2008 she has been active on the humorous short story blog Madame Pipì and since 2014 she has been on tour with several projects of satire and humorous criticism of Italian social mores: Piaghe, Il Rìding Tristocomico, Tumorismo and others. In 2020 he wrote and hosted the TV format for LaEffe, Scappo dalla città.

FIABAFOBIA – Live – A series of short stories investigating the phobias that accompany us throughout our lives, sometimes more than relatives. It was written to laugh and think, hoping that there is no one who is afraid to laugh or think. Since the days of the boogeyman, says the actress, every year a new subject has been produced that is supposed to make us afraid: “When I was a child one had to be afraid of Chernobyl, then Mad Cow and arsenic in the water. After that, a long time later, immigrants came, but now no one care about them anymore because there is the virus.” In short, it is also because of the global climate of terror if we incur personalized phobias: from spiders to snakes, from airplanes to bacteria that might attack us at bar tables, from high water to phobia toward men and women with whom we might reproduce. Who among us has not said at least once, “Sorry, it’s just that I have a phobia.”

Scheduled for Saturday, July 30, 2022 10 p.m.