Patrizio Delkama

Since 2008, he is deeply involved in spontaneous and ancestral music with the Didgeridoo or Iydaky of the Aborigines of Australia by studying their uses and customs, and later devoted himself to the handcrafted construction of these instruments. He is co-founder together with Ivano Naiely of “Raigas – Research Academy for Evolution and Well-being,” a meeting place for the dissemination of various research, such as the study of the most suitable architectural environments in which music therapy can be practiced, starting with spaces already known for their resonance potential, such as the famous Domus de Janas, nuraghi, towers and caves found throughout the Sardinian territory.

The memory and the reconnection to the Self through the use of a “Wind” instrument, the Didjerido, comes from Australia. From contact with spiritual worlds, to sound therapy there are several references that land on the spiritual vision of lower and higher bodies and the possibility of accessing, thanks to the vibration of the Didjeridoo to deeper and more delicate levels of attention and listening: from Attention to Ecstasy.

Scheduled for Friday, July 29, 2022 at 9:30 pm.