Laura Capossele

She is a menstrual educator and midwife. After practicing in various settings (hospital, outpatient, home-based) she chose to be a free midwife, following the RMA that enlightened her at the age of 16 about what would be her mission. She is among the founders of Keepers of the Feminine, a national network of professionals in the women’s and maternal-children’s fields, including menstrual educators, birth keepers, and holistic trainers.
Laura Capossele supports women in cycle harmonization, menstrual coaching and childbirth processing; organizes workshops and themed meetings on cyclicity, sexuality, menarche, menopause, parenting.

Mom why do we menstruate? (One Publishers, 2022)
An illustrated guide that not only talks about the five days of menstruation and how to manage them, but by answering the seemingly trivial question “Why do we menstruate?”, addresses each phase of cyclicity in its hormonal, emotional, and social aspects.
Through biological explanations, stories, anecdotes, practical advice and pictures, this book will take the little woman on a journey toward awareness of an immense treasure, set against the backdrop of a dialogue between mother and daughter to find themselves accomplices in experiencing feminine magic.
A gift not only for little girls, but also for all women who want to rediscover the value of their moon: because one does not become a woman on a bloody day, but reborn a woman every day.

Scheduled for Friday, September 2, 2022 7:30 pm.