Neanche gli Dei - Festival Letterario e incontri d'autore


The Gods Themselves, is a literary and meeting festival that debuted in Cagliari in November 2021 for the organization of Vox Day, an historical acronym in the panorama of independent music in Sardinia, which broadens the scope of its cultural action: an action that for three lustrums has found its main expression in Karel Music Expo, the festival of resistant cultures, in its 17th edition on this September 2022.
Artistic director Davide Catinari explains, “The goal is to create a dedicated geography for all contents that until now has timidly peeped out at Karel Music Expo, to create new narrative paths and opportunities for dialectical confrontation within a specific format, designed to develop the interaction between languages that are children of the same mother.”

The God Themselves (the name is borrowed from the title of one of Isaac Asimov’s most successful science fiction novels) aims to explore and generate different and innovative definitions of reality and social, economic, philosophical, artistic and cultural tools. Under the title “ReEvolutions”, the second edition of the festival ranged from the social to the fantastic, from post-industrial dystopias to sustainable economics, psychology, and graphic novels, to sink its quest into the development of consciousness and a different way of being human, or perhaps,who knows, a bit of a god.