Cristina Muntoni and Alberto Priori

Alberto Priori is a medical surgeon, professor of neurology at the University of Milan, director of the Neurological Clinic III at the University of Milan and president of the Graduate Course in Neurophysiopathology at the University of Milan. He is involved in translational research in the field of Neuroscience, as well as author of 250 articles in international peer reviewed scientific journals.

Cristina Muntoni is a lecturer in History of Feminine Sacredness, Symbolism and Ritual Art at the Three-Year School of Art Therapy in Assisi, author of numerous publications on history, art and ethnography, and has practiced for 15 years as a lawyer at the Cagliari Bar.

Abracadabra. The healing power of words between myth, tradition and neuroscience
Abracadabra, the most magic word, mentioned in the emperor Caracalla’s doctor’s book as a healing tool and in numerous sacred texts around the world, is described as originating cosmogenesis through thaumaturgic powers. Human history reports that from ancient times healing power has been attributed to words, whether they are magic formulas, mantras, prayers, lullabies. What is the point of view of scientific milieu?
This popular essay will be published in open access in the coming months by the State University of Milan to explore the topic of the healing power of words from a historical perspective, between the genesis of religions and mythology and folk traditions, and neuroscientific point of view, coming up with suggestive insights of great curiosity.

Scheduled for Thursday, September 1, 2022 7:30 pm.