Alessandro Trinca

Engaged in numerous areas of social concern, with a particular focus on the issue of monetary sovereignty. Honour graduated in both education and economics, he delivers to the public the results of years of independent research in macroeconomics and monetary as well as historical and political fields.

A CRIMINAL DECEPTION CALLED DEBT (Youcanprint, 2021) exposes with clarity and simplicity the structuring of the current monetary system, helping to tear apart the veil of lies behind one of the most powerful and little-known tool of domination to which humanity has ever been subservient. The audience is guided, step by step, to discover the mechanisms of money creation by the banking system, to understand how the instrument of debt is used as a weapon of domination and control of societies.

Scheduled for Sunday, July 31, 2022 8 p.m. Moderated by journalist Simone Spiga.