Enrica Perucchietti

TV journalist among the most active in Italy in the field of counterinformation, writer and editor. In addition to numerous publications in digital and print magazines, she is the author of some 40 successful essays published in Italy and France. She collaborates with independent news channels (Visione TV, Il Vaso di Pandora, La Casa del Sole, Fabbrica della comunicazione). She has to her credit numerous appearances on national radio and television networks (Channel 5, Italia Uno, La7, Radio RAI). She manages the blog Revolution and video columns for Visione TV, La Casa del Sole TV, Pandora’s Box, Contro TV, Beatrice Silenzi’s channel, ByoBlu. She collaborates with Nobufale.it team.

CORONAVIRUS THE INVISIBLE ENEMY (Uno Edizioni, 2021) – A journey through the transformations of our social sphere, thanks to an invisible enemy that in just a few months has infected hundreds of countries, causing thousands of deaths and prompting the WHO to declare a global pandemic status, transforming the lives of all of us, perhaps forever, into a “virtual” reality. Repressive and liberticidal measures based on biosecurity and biopower, in line with so-called “disaster capitalism”. Current themes to understand the different dynamics generated by a global event not yet analyzed in anthropological terms.

Scheduled for Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 7 p.m.