Gianni Usai

Gianni Usai was born in Sardinian countryside where he lives and works. He collaborates with the literary blog Squadernauti. His short stories have appeared in magazines and collections, and in 2019 he won the Gramsci Prize for the fiction section. With the publishing house Il Maestrale he published the novels La sesta nota (2020) and Cristian T. (2022).

Cristian T. ( The Mistral, 2022)
Who is Cristian T. really? By what forces and why was his quiet, ordinary everyday life as a municipal employee turned upside down just hours after celebrating his 42nd birthday? Was it a cosmic design, an accident, or a bad trick of the mind that catapulted him into an existence he does not recognize, in which his wife and son are strangers and some of the dreams long and vainly cradled seem to have come true? It looks a lot like his idea of happiness, this new life, but everything has a cost, and disturbing Cristian’s nights is not only the loss of his family, of the precarious balance laboriously built and that until now has represented the cocoon in which to feel less exposed to the pitfalls of the imponderable, though never quite safe. Cristian will have to confront his own most hidden fears, with a monster that seems to lurk everywhere, with faceless horror, in a game of restless souls and opposing mirrors in which, on the intangible thread that separates and joins conscious and unconscious, he and his alter ego – and their respective destinies – follow parallel trajectories and at the same time always appear on the verge of colliding, while in the background hovers the most terrible and definitive of questions: what awaits him at the end of the race?

Scheduled for Saturday, September 3, 2022 7:30 pm.