Gian Matteo Corrias

PhD in «Civilization of Humanism and the Renaissance» at the University of Florence, he worked at the École Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris. Author of numerous historical and philological publications, he has published “Gods and religion of ancient Rome”, “Esotericism and mystery cults in ancient Rome”, “The gods of ancient Rome”. Curator of the linguistic section of the multimedia Latin course Atticus. Member of the scientific committee of the historical, architectural and philological studies magazine Aristana. He collaborated in the creation of multimedia products, providing – among others – his consultancy for the creation of the information program broadcasted by La7 : “A particular day- Julius Caesar”.

BEFORE THE FAITH: ANTHROPOLOGY AND THEOLOGY OF THE ARCHAIC ROMAN CULT (Tuthi Edizioni, 2022) – A portrait of the Roman “cultus deorum” in its most authentic and sometimes bizarre expressions, from which the theological and anthropological assumptions take birth, as basis of the entire cultic device, as well as the Roman perception of the religious. Looking at the roots to understand our present.

Scheduled on Friday 28 July at 8.30pm