Ettore Guarnaccia

Multi-certified manager in ICT in the banking milieu, top counselor in cybersecurity, it works for the biggest Italian banking companies and studies the mechanisms that regulate and influence society, habits and behaviors. Cybersecurity professor at the Universities of Trieste and Padova. In recent years he has been dedicating himself to the education of young people and children in schools for the safe use of digital technologies, dealing with in-depth analysis of social media and the exploitation of personal information and data.

THE SILENT TRAGEDY: How digitalization is influencing and threatening the new generations (in the time of COVID-19) – (Independently Published, 2020) – With the global enforcement of social networks and smartphones and the lack of investments in digital culture and education , a constant increase in psychological disorders and suicides has been observed among teens. Not a casualty. The author explains how digital is shaping and threatening the new generations, and teaches its profitable, responsible, respectful and safe use and analyzes the various types of intelligence applied to cybersecurity also to protect your company’s business.

Scheduled on Sunday 30 July at 7.30pm