Guido Rossetti

Numerologist and esoteric psychologist and very first researcher to interpret and describe numbers as archetypes, in accordance with the principles of C. Gustav Jung, James Hillman and Marie Louise Von Franz. His studies focus on the ancient diagnostic sciences of character, which allow the individual to better understand himself, his potential and his purpose in life.

THE POWER OF THE ZERO NUMBER. Emptiness as a portal to the infinite, to create the best of your possible worlds (Il Punto d’Incontro, 2023) – Zero is the most mysterious figure in the kaleidoscopic world of numbers: in its power to annihilate or multiply, it allows the concept of nothingness to reveal itself as the origin and source of everything. This book acts as a guide to cross the portal of today’s time, which leads to a new dimension of being.

Scheduled on Thursday 27 July at 7.30pm