II Edition 2022

Neanche gli Dei – Festival Letterario e incontri d’autore II Edition RiEvoluzioni II PART – September 1-2-3 – Lazzaretto Sant’Elia (Sala Polifunzionale) | Cagliari Thursday, September 1st, 2022 h 19.30 CRISTINA MUNTONI E ALBERTO PRIORI – Abracadabra. Il potere curativo delle parole tra mito, tradizioni e neuroscienze Friday, September 2nd, 2022 ore 19.30 LAURA CAPOSSELE […]

Gianni Usai

Gianni Usai was born in Sardinian countryside where he lives and works. He collaborates with the literary blog Squadernauti. His short stories have appeared in magazines and collections, and in 2019 he won the Gramsci Prize for the fiction section. With the publishing house Il Maestrale he published the novels La sesta nota (2020) and […]

Laura Capossele

She is a menstrual educator and midwife. After practicing in various settings (hospital, outpatient, home-based) she chose to be a free midwife, following the RMA that enlightened her at the age of 16 about what would be her mission. She is among the founders of Keepers of the Feminine, a national network of professionals in […]

Cristina Muntoni and Alberto Priori

Alberto Priori is a medical surgeon, professor of neurology at the University of Milan, director of the Neurological Clinic III at the University of Milan and president of the Graduate Course in Neurophysiopathology at the University of Milan. He is involved in translational research in the field of Neuroscience, as well as author of 250 […]

Arianna Porcelli Safonov

Born in Rome, she lived in New York and Madrid working for years in the organization of international events. Since 2010 she has devoted herself full-time to writing. She has published two books for Fazi Editore, Fottuta Campagna and Storie di Matti. Since 2008 she has been active on the humorous short story blog Madame […]

Enrica Perucchietti

TV journalist among the most active in Italy in the field of counterinformation, writer and editor. In addition to numerous publications in digital and print magazines, she is the author of some 40 successful essays published in Italy and France. She collaborates with independent news channels (Visione TV, Il Vaso di Pandora, La Casa del […]

Laura Pezzino

professional journalist since 2006, she has worked in the entertainment, current affairs and costume sectors as a book editor and freelance journalist. She collaborates with numerous newspapers (including La Stampa, Vanity Fair, F, GQ, AD, Rivista Studio and Natural Style), dealing with editing, social media management, editorial consulting, as well as organizing meetings on culture […]

Giorgio Bianchi

Photojournalist, documentary filmmaker and writer , Bianchi has made reportages in Europe,, Syria, Ukraine, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, and India. He has always paid special attention to political and anthropological issues in his photography. Since 2014 he has made several trips to Ukraine to document its crisis through images and videos, starting from the […]

Alessandro Trinca

Engaged in numerous areas of social concern, with a particular focus on the issue of monetary sovereignty. Honour graduated in both education and economics, he delivers to the public the results of years of independent research in macroeconomics and monetary as well as historical and political fields. A CRIMINAL DECEPTION CALLED DEBT (Youcanprint, 2021) exposes […]

Patrizio Delkama

Since 2008, he is deeply involved in spontaneous and ancestral music with the Didgeridoo or Iydaky of the Aborigines of Australia by studying their uses and customs, and later devoted himself to the handcrafted construction of these instruments. He is co-founder together with Ivano Naiely of “Raigas – Research Academy for Evolution and Well-being,” a […]